Celebrities and Inspirations

We are so incredibly grateful for the response we’ve gotten at our performances and shows and the chances we’ve had to meet some of our heroes and idols. Below are some of the photos of the brilliant talent that has inspired and encouraged us. Enjoy!

Donations and Charity

We believe that everyone can make a difference – It Starts With One! One person, one act, even one dollar. Every little bit helps, like drops of water becoming a tidal wave. Here are some images from different charities that we donate to.

The Beatles and Abbey Road

Our dream is to one day record at Abbey Road. Both of us are die hard Beatles fans starting with our very first rock concert ever – Paul McCartney at the LA Dodger Stadium. It was mind blowing. We have visited Liverpool and every year we are able, we go to take photos outside Abbey Road. One year, we even recreated the cover. It was a blast!

Boys Just Gotta Have Fun

We spend A LOT of time together so it’s good that we’re best friends too. Here are a few pics of our travels and us just goofing around.

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Get Connected.

We love hearing from our fans, charities, music partners and more. More updates coming soon. Please reach out and say hi.